Weather is back!

Posted on May-21-2017 at 16:43:00

Welcome back to Weather!

It is with great excitement to announce that the site is back up and running as it once was. Current conditions from Gold Canyon and Northwest Mesa are now updating along with live lightning data across Arizona.

When time allows, this site will also be updated with interesting weather topics, photos, and videos. Also, feel free to ask any weather questions you might have. started in 2005, providing local weather information to the Apache Junction and Gold Canyon area. This included multiple weather stations and lightning detection. The site name was selected as the owner of drove a fully restored 1969 Volkswagen Bus called the "Weather Bus" as a weather station would at times be mounted on the bus. Sadly, the bus was destroyed in a fire.

From the very beginning, was created/developed by Matt Pace. From an early age, he was interested in weather and now holds a Ph.D. in meteorology/climatology and has vast experience in the field of weather

As the site grows we look forward to hearing from you! Contact us with any questions or comments you have.