Micromoon will rise tonight! 

Posted on Jun-09-2017 at 16:13:00

We have all heard the hype about the “supermoon” and how it will look bigger and brighter, well tonight the exact opposite is true as the micromoon rises over the horizon. 

The full moon tonight also called the Strawberry Moon, will be at it’s furthest point from earth. As a result, it will appear smaller and dimmer than other full moons. 

In fact, tonight the moon will appear approximately 14 percent smaller and nearly 30 percent dimmer compared to the supermoon.

So how far away is the moon? On average a micromoon is over 251,000 miles from Earth, and a supermoon is less than 224,000 miles away. For reference, the moon is on average about 237,000 miles away from Earth. 

If you want to catch the moon this evening in Phoenix, it will rise at 7:48 pm and set tomorrow at 6:21 am. 

If you happen to miss the micromoon tonight, the next micro full moon will occur next year on July 27th.