Phoenix: High temps in the low 90s in June?

Posted on Jun-11-2017 at 17:35:00

Believe it or not, the forecast high temperatures across the Valley of the Sun on Monday are in the low 90s, with some locations in the far north portion of the Valley forecast to stay in the upper 80s!

While that might not seem like a cool down, for this time of year, it really is! 

In fact, having high temperatures in the low 90s in June is very rare in Phoenix. Looking at the 30-year average (1981-2010) the high temperature only drops below the 95-degree mark two times per year. 

Since 2010, the high temperature in June has only been below 95 degrees four times with the last time being over two years ago. 
June 12, 2010: 87
June 13, 2010: 93
June 1, 2011: 94
June 5, 2015: 90

The other questions to ask: how has the number of days in the low 90s in June changed in Phoenix since records began? Looking at the running 30-year average (orange line on the graph below), the number of days in the low 90s in Phoenix is decreasing with time. Dropping from a 30-year average of four in 1925 down to two per year in 2016.