Could be driest year since 2012 in Phoenix

Posted on Dec-22-2016 at 11:27:00

The storm system that moved through the state on December 22nd brought Phoenix another 0.42 inches of rain, but the city is still officially well below average for the year. 

The yearly total at Phoenix Sky Harbor, where the official rain gauge for Phoenix is located, stands at 5.76 inches (as of December 22). This puts the city 2.02 inches below average for the year so far. 

If no additional rain falls by January 1st, the city would be 2.27 inches below average for the year. This would also be the driest year since 2012 when only 4.28 inches of rain was recorded.

The driest year ever occurred in 2002 and 1956 when only 2.82 inches of rain fell. On the flip side, the wettest year was in 1905 when a remarkable 19.73 inches of rain was recorded. 

The good news for this year, there is a decent chance of rain moving into the forecast on Christmas Eve which could add another 0.25-0.50 inches to the yearly total. 

Bottom line, it has been a rather dry year around the Phoenix valley.