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Weather is back!
Posted: May-21-2017

After a long hiatus we are back on-line!
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Over 75% of Arizona no longer in a drought
Posted: Jan-26-2017

Series of storms over the past month have helped the drought across Arizona
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Weather history: Snow in Phoenix
Posted: Jan-22-2017

How rare is snow in the Valley of the Sun?
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RECORD: Phoenix breaks daily rainfall record
Posted: Jan-21-2017

How is this rain helping the yearly rainfall average in Phoenix?
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How much rain is falling from the sky?
Posted: Jan-18-2017

Looking at rainfall in gallons instead of inches may shock you!
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Drought: California drought severity decreasing
Posted: Jan-16-2017

Best drought update in California since 2011
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FREE: National Park Entrance Fee Waived
Posted: Jan-15-2017

Free admission to all National Parks on Martin Luther King Jr. Day
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Weather History: All-time record low in Phoenix set on Jan 7th
Posted: Jan-07-2017

Could Phoenix ever set a new all-time record low?
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